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You Are 42% More Likely To achieve A Written Down Goal

I do not recall exactly how I got this statistics but apparently its true. I personally write things down alot as a life bred habit. Now a wife, mother and business owner, it is my means of survival.

I have to think for myself, my child, my husband and every other person in my life. Somehow everyone believes I can never forget. Growing up with such responsibility to “never forget”, I quickly adapted to putting things down.

I believe you are more likely to achieve a written down goal because you remember it. Goals are challenging enough to achieve, writing it down eliminates the first enemy of goal achievement – “forgetfulness”.
Also when you write, you are using most of your senses which allows you to carry out a SWOT analysis (Strength,Weakness,Opportunity,Threat); sometimes even without conscious effort.

Goal achievement requires setting a timeframe, so when you write, set deadlines and make a checklist to help measure your progress.

Keep rocking people!