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Bold, Colourful, Retro….Style

My style over the years has been admired by most people I encounter. I don’t consider my style unique, but most people seem to think otherwise. 

What I have realised is, how I accessorize makes the difference. I never work towards achieving a complicated style but I do cherish uniqueness.

Recently I have included Afro-carribean inspiration into my style. African Print is always colourful and bold, which gives me an edge in the way I look.

Check out http://www.folkshelf.com for amazing accessories to kick off the Spring season.

Sneak Peak of FOLKSHELF Accessories.


African Inspired Fashion and Lifestyle Online Store – FOLKSHELF.COM  (Explore Cultured Style)

From my previous post, I gave a brief about FOLKSHELF. As mentioned, FOLKSHELF focuses on selling Afro-carribean inspired fashion and lifestyle brands.

The company is situated in the UK but receives products from brands across the globe. Folkshelf’s primary market is the UK & Europe although all customers are most welcome as FOLKSHELF products ship worldwide.

Are you an African or Caribbean fashion brand? No matter how big or small your business is? FOLKSHELF would love to hear from you. 

Sneak peak of more of FOLKSHELF own Brand.

African Inspired Fashion & Lifestyle Online Store – FOLKSHELF.COM is Live

Yesterday March 5th, 2017 FOLKSHELF an online fashion and lifestyle retailer launched its site folkshelf.com.

This has been 6 months in the making. Every phase had it’s challenges which translated into amazing innovation for the African inspired fashion  and lifestyle online retail store.

At Folkshelf.com you can shop for Afro-carribean inspired fashion and lifestyle brands as well as FOLKSHELF own brand.

Folkshelf’s Afro-carribean fashion brands offer African inspired clothing and African inspired accessories,  while Folkshelf’s lifestyle brands offer cultural inspired decorations, handmade crafts and unique items for bold, retro and folk style.

Here’s a sneak peak of FOLKSHELF’s Fashion Brand.