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You Are 42% More Likely To achieve A Written Down Goal

I do not recall exactly how I got this statistics but apparently its true. I personally write things down alot as a life bred habit. Now a wife, mother and business owner, it is my means of survival.

I have to think for myself, my child, my husband and every other person in my life. Somehow everyone believes I can never forget. Growing up with such responsibility to “never forget”, I quickly adapted to putting things down.

I believe you are more likely to achieve a written down goal because you remember it. Goals are challenging enough to achieve, writing it down eliminates the first enemy of goal achievement – “forgetfulness”.
Also when you write, you are using most of your senses which allows you to carry out a SWOT analysis (Strength,Weakness,Opportunity,Threat); sometimes even without conscious effort.

Goal achievement requires setting a timeframe, so when you write, set deadlines and make a checklist to help measure your progress.

Keep rocking people!


African Fashion UK For Spring 

I love Spring! Everything is better in the Spring; apart from the need to start mowing the lawn again 😅.

Fashion is bold and colourful in Spring. Playsuits, short dresses, shorts, crop tops…name it. So excited to store away the turtle necks and thick scarves. 

The US has quite a high number of African Fashion stores with amazing styles. But over here in the UK we are lacking. Some people don’t know we actually have such stores in existence and shop all the way from the US.

Look no more, I got you! These are a list of few African Fashion online stores in the UK; in no particular order. I will also post some of their styles from their site.

African Fashion UK