Mothers, The Real Life Wonderwoman 

I have been a mother for just two years and I cannot explain the strength, courage, pain yet joy that keeps a mother going.

It is easy to take for granted who a mother is because there are so many in the world; so you could think, what makes mothers so special? 

I am glad a day has been set aside to celebrate mothers because every other day in the year is about every other person. Mothers put everyone ahead of themselves. The mother who cooks the food, subjects herself to the burnt crust so that everyone eats to their fill. 

The mother who barely sleeps at night, is still the last person to go to bed the next night. The last meal is for everyone but the mother because she can withstand the hunger to ensure her family is fed. 

The mothers career is always the first to go south because “someone” has to stay home to take care of the children. Or one career has to be on hold for the family to live together during a location change.

The sacrifices of mothers are endless. Almost unreal! I was raised by the typical definition of a “strong woman”. I Will celebrate my mother today and every single day of my life until I draw my last breath.

Thank you mothers for all you do to keep the society going without seeking recognition or awards. God bless!


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