Boots In Summer?

Summer is generally a warm season to rock slippers, sandals, slippons, trainers, converse you name it. Basically comfortable shoes or ridiculously heeled fancy footwear for parties. I would like to think the summer fashion emphasis is on showing skin. Which brings me to respond to the title of this post, boots in summer?

Not everyone is from a location that has extremely warm summers. I am from North East Scotland and I can tell you, an extremely warm summer is a privilege to us. At 20 degrees, the north sea breeze makes the temperature feel like 5 degrees.

So Yes, I wear boots in summer but mostly without tights and not fleece boots. I love boots that is why its a fashion statement for me in Summer, ankle boots work pretty well in any season compared to knee high boots. Just make sure the weather is conducive and you look fabulous unless you risk looking ridiculous or burn up ūüėČūüėé.


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