Fashion Week Season Is Upon Us

Most people follow the fashion shows organised in big fashion  cities like; Paris Fashion Week, London Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week and the likes of them.

These Fashion Shows are well known because they showcase the big fashion brands and are modelled by the popular international models.

My focus is on Aberdeen Fashion Week; for those of you who are wondering, Aberdeen is the granite city located North East of Scotland, United Kingdom.

This is the only Fashion Show I am aware of that has Designers across the globe that showcases a wide range of diversity in fashion no matter your status. There are a good number of designers from Africa showcasing in Aberdeen Fashion Week, which I find amazing.

Photo credit: Lydie Culter

The Aberdeen Fashion Week is almost here, for those of you who would love to be a part of this amazing event or need a reason to visit Scotland, you have a great opportunity. Visit


Photo credit: Lydie Culter

Scotland is a beautiful historic country, make plans to visit this Spring or Summer.


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