Are Girls born ‘Bitchy’?

This is an old post by me on another blog site. This topic seemed to cause some controversy. I am curious to know what people have to say.


A male friend of mine said he’s glad to be a boy because  guys are ‘mostly’ challenged by their peers for foolish behaviour BUT girls get support for whatever they do, be it good or bad, smart or stupid. Many other guys concurred and supported this point saying “girls thrive in their stupity or ‘bitchyness’ “.

I am female and won’t disagree completely with some of the perceptions guys have about girls because they speak from one or two actions they’ve experienced or watched on tv. But the fact that there are all these words abt females misbehaving and almost no words to describe the guy who began this whole mess gets me so upset. The only word used on a stupid guy is ‘jerk’. Seriously?

When a girl gets pregnant have u forgotten who is blamed? The freaking girl, like she jumped on herself and implanted the sperm. Even…

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2 thoughts on “Are Girls born ‘Bitchy’?”

  1. I think we need to start looking at ourselves as humans rather than constantly distinguishing between men and woman. We have our differences that we should embrace, but the double standard is something which really irritates me because morality should not apply heavier on one sex than it does to the other!

    1. Omg I couldn’t agree more. I think it’s selfish or self-centredness that makes people act in certain ways to justify inhumane behaviours towards another person.

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