Happy Women International Day.

As a woman and a melanin filled one at that, I have realised that I am a super hero. Yes, I do have real actual super powers. 

Half the things I have experienced in my short stay on this earth, I have overcome the trails and temptation with nothing short of super powers.

This is how the average  woman fills; like a queen that has been sent on exile and no-one knows who she is in the land she resides now. She has so much greatness yet the rest of the world can’t see it because her crown has been stolen and life has gone on and forgotten she ever existed. 

What I would encourage and how I have chosen to live Is, I don’t need a crown to be royalty. I act like it, I command it, I believe I am and the rest of the world would either follow suit or not. That isn’t my problem, my aim isn’t to change anyone’s opinion but live a certain way. It has worked for me, all this time.

My wonderful, enduring, intelligent women…noone can make you feel less without your permission. Always remember that!



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