Motherhood, My Career Motivator

I had completely neglected my blogs since my daughter arrived, which was two years ago. I never thought I would return to blogging. Once you have a child it feels like there isn’t enough time in a day to get things done.

Alot of women completely loose themselves in the attempt of being “the perfect mother”. If you are in that category, read carefully “No such thing as perfect mother”. Do the best you can, ask for help when you need to, eat healthy and try to rest as often as possible.

Whilst women stop their careers and dreams after having a child, I on the other hand got motivated. When my daughter was a baby, well she is still a baby but when her neck could barely hold her head 🙄, I told myself I need to be the type of woman that she would be proud of. For her to be proud of me I knew I needed to balance my life out. Family, Career, Spirituality, Philanthropy, Fun and just being happy.

I was raised by a strong woman, who reached the peak in her career yet a hands-on mother with three children and she never let her relationship with God faulter. I knew I had no excuse!

The fear of not being a good enough role model for my child haunted me. It took lots of Meditation and quiet times to have the vision for my next phase in life. As I type these words, I will be launching my new business in a few weeks. I still find it hard to believe that I am the Founder & CEO for an online retail fashion and craft store, FOLKSHELF.

FOLKSHELF is an Afro-Carribean inspired fashion and craft lifestyle retailer. Selling it’s own brand and that of other amazing designers/artisans around the world. It’s style culture is bold, flirty, elegant with a touch of retro.

Alot of time, stress and money was put into making this a reality. It has not been an easy journey, lots of challenges and fears had to be overcome. My determination and conviction kept me going. Even when the money wasn’t available or I barely slept because my little one was ill or just wouldn’t sleep.

I am so excited about this project and I am looking forward to telling you all about my progress. The website would go live in a few weeks. I can’t wait for you to explore cultured style in our folkworld.


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